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April 2012 Earnings Report
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March 2012 Earnings Report
I was fortunate enough to benefit from an impressive increase in earnings during March that resulted in me having my best month ever…More 


Passive Income Ideas:  Publishing an eBook
For those who may be following my monthly earnings reports, you will notice that I occasionally generate a tiny amount of income from the sales of books.  I have a couple of books currently published…More 


February 2012 Earnings Report
First of all, I am publishing these earnings extraordinarily late.  Part of the reason is that I had to go out of town for business, but I also wrestled with how to report some of the income…More


Hundreds of Backlinks You Can Get for Free
Everybody knows how the backlinks daisy-chain goes:  You need backlinks in order to get a higher ranking on Google.  Ranking higher on Google usually leads to more traffic.  More traffic usually translates into more dollars.  Thus, backlinks should be one of the major components of any marketing plan for your blog or website…More