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Resources I Use To Generate Passive Income

I thought this page would be a good place to talk about the things I’m doing in terms of activities – as well as tangible resources I’m utilizing – in order to develop my passive income.  And so, without further ado:

WebAnswers is a question-and-answer site where you get paid to ask and answer questions.  I praise WebAnswers without end not just because it’s where I got my first passive earnings, but primarily because of how quickly it happened.  I signed up and initially wasn’t very serious about the site, but despite my own disinterest I was making money within a week,  and I have made money with them almost every day since!  (I think there have only been two days when I made nothing, and I believe they were both on the weekend, when there’s less online activity.)   That’s why I think WebAnswers should be everyone’s point of entry into the world of passive income.

InfoBarrel is article submission site that has 75% revenue-sharing (and this can go higher under certain circumstances).  I like the fact that you can earn revenue from multiple sources – AdSense, Amazon and Chitika – and you can write about any topic you want.  Moreover, there’s no limit to the number of articles you can submit in a day (or ever).  After WebAnswers, I think article-writing is the next step for just about everyone looking to earn passive income online.

Bluehost is a top-ranked web-hosting company.  I use them for my web sites, and I recommend them highly.  For $6.95 per month you get unlimited space and unlimited domains (which is great for someone like me, since I’ve got several ideas for niche sites I’d like to develop).   Of course you may be thinking, “Why pay for hosting when there are scores of places that will let me build web sites for free?”  That is certainly true, but of course a free website might come with restrictions and other unfavorable terms and conditions.  For instance, some free sites won’t allow you to display ads.  Good luck monetizing that one…  The long and short of it is that web hosting is actually pretty cheap, and for the freedom it gives you in terms of developing your niche (and monetizing it) it may be well worth the price.  Plus, as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Hubpages allows you to build “hubs” which are essentially web pages.  You are able to monetize your hubs (60% revenue-sharing) in several ways, including AdSense and Amazon affiliate links.  Since it’s free to sign up, the equities are all in your favor and you can build as many hubs as you like.

This is essentially just like Hubpages, except the pages you create are called lenses.  There’s 50% revenue-sharing in various ways (including AdSense and Amazon affiliate links).

Like InfoBarrel, this is an article site with 70% revenue sharing.

This is a social bookmarking site with 100% revenue-sharing.  (Tough to beat that!)

This is another great article site with 60% revenue-sharing.

This social bookmarking site has 80% revenue-sharing.


Putting it plainly, this is an awesome site site for obtaining lots of free backlinks.  (You can also upgrade to a paid version that essentially puts your backlink-building on autopilot, but it’s not required.)

Instant Article Wizard
This is fantastic article-writing software that not only does online research, but will having you cranking out articles exponentially faster than you did before.  There’s nothing better for overcoming writer’s block, and you will even be able to write articles on subjects you know nothing about.

The Best Spinner
Article-spinning software that will allow you to create tons of original and unique content from each article you write.

Unique Article Wizard
Another outstanding piece of software that will allow you to post to hundreds of blogs and article directories automatically.  Critical for anyone serious about marketing their articles.

Market Samurai
Phenomenal software that let’s you perform in-depth keyword research and analysis.  Saves you time, money and effort by identifying the high-profit niches that you should focus on.

***For anyone considering (or currently doing) article writing, I strongly recommend that you take a look at Instant Article Wizard, The Best Spinner, and Market Samurai and Unique Article Wizard.  I believe they are absolutely essential if you want to achieve quick and lasting success.  Using just The Best Spinner and Unique Article Wizard, I was able to propel my niche site to the first page of Google in less than a month!!!  Since then I’ve remained on the first page (and have even touched #1 a few times).  I firmly believe that these are items you must have in your virtual toolbox. 

Niche site
I have one niche site up at the moment, but it’s generating income on almost a daily basis, so I’m pleased.

It’s great being partnered with one of the world’s largest retailers.

Books (self-published)
I’ve got two books published at the moment, but I’m really not doing anything to promote them (and probably would not have even mentioned them were it not for the fact that a sales occurred).

November 2011 Earnings Report

My earnings for November increased quite nicely.  Exponentially, in fact.  (Of course, I earned less than 6 bucks in October, so it’s not hard to top that.  However, you also have to remember that I dipped my toes into the passive income pool for the first time in late October, so right now every penny of passive income feels like a lottery win to me!)  The breakdown is as follows:

AdSense:  $61.48
Affiliate sales:  $2.60
Book sales:  $0.35
Total:   $64.43 


About two-thirds of the AdSense revenue came from Webanswers (needless to say, I have something of a crush on them now); a little less than one-third came via my niche site, with the rest coming from article sites like InfoBarrel and Seekyt.  I’m also pleased with the affiliate income; again, it’s not much, but two months ago I probably couldn’t have told you what affiliate income was. 

And let’s not forget the royalty from the sale of a single copy of my book: $0.35.  Go ahead and laugh, but you have to bear in mind that I’ve been primarily focused on developing my niche site and really haven’t done any book marketing, so this was a nice surprise as far as I’m concerned. 

In retrospect, I’m happy with the results.   For those of you keeping track, here are the sites I’m using as the foundation for building my own passive income streams:



***Please note that many of the links above are affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you purchase products or services via the links I have provided.  More information about these products and services is available on my Resources page.

As I’ve already noted, the Q&A site WebAnswers has been my bread and butter thus far, and I recommend them as the first stop for anyone looking for a venue to begin earning online.  I’m also a firm believer in article-writing, so any of the revenue-sharing sites  – InfoBarrel, Bukisa, Seekyt, etc. – are also great.

Finally, I don’t think I mention this in my previous posts, but I had a goal of earning $2/day online by the end of November.  I just squeaked by, but my goal for December is a more ambitious $5 per day (with a stretch goal of $10/day) .   We’re almost halfway through the month, now, so keep your fingers crossed!


Great Revenue-Sharing Resources to Kick-Start Your Passive Income Stream

I’m still fairly new to the passive income game, but I’ve been fortunate in that I found a lot of great resources online that steered me in the right direction.  For instance, all of the positive reviews I found about Q&A site WebAnswers convinced me to sign up and I’ll be forever grateful that I did.  Within a week of joining I was earning income and have continued to do so almost every day since.  (It’ s been about one-and-a-half months.)

Likewise, I think article submission sites like InfoBarrel are untapped gold mines, and so are many of the social bookmarking sites.  With that in mind, here are the sites I think will play a major role in the development of my own passive income streams, and hopefully that of anyone else just starting out:



***Please note that many of the links above are affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you purchase products or services via the links I have provided.  More information about these products and services is available on my Resources page.

Aside from WebAnswers, these are all either article submission or social bookmarking sites.  Moreover, they’re giving 60-100% of the revenue to the writers.  This strikes me as a pretty good way to earn some money.


Getting Started Earning Passive Income

I think it’s a given that almost everyone would like to earn extra income.  Even more, I think everyone would prefer to earn passive or residual income.  That is, extra icome that doesn’t require continuous effort.  Since that’s we’re all about, let’s get started.

The first page your passive income playbook has to be setting up a Google Adsense account.  Almost everywhere you go online, just about all earnings will be through Google Adsense.  In fact, for online income purposes, it’s going to be like your Social Security number:  every revenue-sharing site will ask for it, and you’ll need it just about everywhere you go.  That being the case, you may as well try to get it as soon as possible.

Next, you have to decide the manner in which you want to start earning.  There are a lot of revenue-sharing sites out there – especially for article writing.  In fact, article writing should absolutely be one of your passive income streams, but I’ll talk about that more a little further down the road.  Right now, in terms of getting started and earning quickly, I like WebAnswers.

For those who don’t know, WebAnswers is a question-and-answer site, whereby you can earn money for both asking and answering questions.  (The site implies that being paid for asking questions is a limited opportunity, but I haven’t heard anything about it going away yet.)  You have to sign up (it’s free) and answer 50 questions first (not in one sitting), but after that you’ll be invited to join Adsense and/or enter your Adsense ID.  From that point forward, you can start making money.  Personally, I dragged my heels in terms of answering the 50 questions, and I still started making money within about a week. I now earn money on WebAnswers practically every day.  (One caveat:  the algorithm used to calculate what you are to be paid is not publicly known, so predicting earnings with any degree of accuracy is probably going to be difficult initially, but after you develop a history of earnings you’ll probably better capable of estimating what you will be paid.)

 In short, it’s my suggestion that you get started by 1) setting up and Adsense account and 2) Sign up with Webanswers to start earning asap.

At Last, InfoBarrel Earnings!

I am please to report that I finally have some InfoBarrel earnings.  I was starting to get a little antsy because WebAnswers is earning for me just about every day (even my niche site is starting to generate cash), so this was just the mental and emotional boost  needed.  The earnings actually occurred one day last week ($0.83); you can read my InfoBarrel article on it here.


My First Earnings!!! (October 2011 Report)

I am, naturally, completely ecstatic to report that I have my first online earnings!  I earned $5.89 from WebAnswers during the last week of October!  Of course, this isn’t a lot of money, but it’s inifinitely more than I was earning online a week ago.  I’m hoping it is the shape of things to come. 

It looks like I started earning about a week after I joined WebAnswers.  You have to answer 50 questions before you can start earning, and I kind of dragged my heels doing that (I was focused more on writing articles) so I assume I could have started earning earlier – probably not the first day, but maybe by the second or third.

Speaking of articles, I now have 10 on InfoBarrel.  I haven’t earned anything yet, but I haven’t been writing based on keyword research or anything like that; I’ve more or less been writing about topics I feel like writing about.  I assume thatwhen I start writing content that people are actually interested in, the earnings will come.  Plus, I’ve heard that you need to have a decent number of articles out there before you start seeing money come in.  (Just between us chickens, my original plane was to write 3 articles per day so that at the end of a year I’d have a thousand of them out there generating income.  needless to say, I am woefully behind schedule.)

In addition, I started a niche web site which I am still in the process of getting fully off the ground.  I don’t have a background in technology, so I was more than a little terrified that I was going to mangle things beyond belief, but I got great support from a lot of areas, including Bluehost.com, which I’m using for all of my web hosting.  I have found Bluehost to be extremely service-oriented and have received nothing but outstanding support from them (which came in handy as I was setting up).  Following my experience with them, I became a Bluehost affiliate. 

That said, here are the current potential sources of income I’m relying on to build up my passive revenue streams:



Total Income for October:  $5.89

I know:  I’m fighting a war on numeorus fronts here (article-writing, answering questions, developing websites, etc.), and it’s difficult to figure out where I should really be applying my efforts.  Trying to do everything at once has me spread pretty thin – not to mention the fact that I’m still working a 9-to-5.  Still, I can’t imagine putting anything on the backburner right now; it all feels important.  (Of course, there’s an old saying which states that when everything is important, then nothing is…)  With any luck, I’m hoping to have my niche site up within a week, then I can devote some attention to other matters.


Passive Pursuit of Income Blog – My First Real Post!

Welcome to the Passive Pursuit of Income Blog, where you now have the privilege of reading the first report of my online money-making efforts.  Unfortunately, there aren’t going to be any numbers reported here, because I’ve been at this for less than a week in all honesty.  Nevertheless, I thought it would be a good idea to explain my approach and methodology, so here’s a little about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

When I began looking at the idea of passive income in earnest, I did my research (as almost everyone does these days) online.  After wading through all of the get-rich-quick fluff, I started noticing a trend:  a good number of people were stating that online article-writing was a good launching pad for getting started and building passive/residual income.  (I know that they’re different, but for purposes of economy I will use “passive income” and “residual income” interchangeably.)  Since I consider myself a writer at heart, this was right up my alley. 

In terms of revenue-sharing sites, I heard a lot of names mentioned, but the site that everyone seemed most-satisfied with was  InfoBarrel.  They have 75% revenue-sharing and good word-of-mouth, so I decded to cast my lot with them. 

In addition  to InfoBarrel, I also heard good things about a question-and-answer site called WebAnswers.   On this particular site, questions are posed on a broad range of topics, and anyone who has signed up on the site can answer any question.  Your goal on is to have your answer selected as the “Best Answer,” which will earn you a greater percentage of revenue.  To be frank, however, the revenue-sharing here is a little more difficult to explain, as the site apparently uses some sort of algorithm that takes into acount various factors (including your level of participation on the site) in determioning what you earn.  Still, I like the concept and am on board.

So, as of right now, my online money-making efforts are limited to the following:

I hope they start paying soon.  Wish me luck! 

(On a side note, I should mention that I have published two books since August – another attempt to get some residual income flowing – but neither is really selling.  In truth, however, I only did some limited marketing with the first and haven’t marketed the second at all.)

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting the Passive Pursuit of Income Blog!  Here I will try to build a stead stream of both passive income and residual income;  hopefully my efforts will help you with your own.  (Check out my list of Resources for Passive Income).  Wish me luck!