Getting Started Earning Passive Income

I think it’s a given that almost everyone would like to earn extra income.  Even more, I think everyone would prefer to earn passive or residual income.  That is, extra icome that doesn’t require continuous effort.  Since that’s we’re all about, let’s get started.

The first page your passive income playbook has to be setting up a Google Adsense account.  Almost everywhere you go online, just about all earnings will be through Google Adsense.  In fact, for online income purposes, it’s going to be like your Social Security number:  every revenue-sharing site will ask for it, and you’ll need it just about everywhere you go.  That being the case, you may as well try to get it as soon as possible.

Next, you have to decide the manner in which you want to start earning.  There are a lot of revenue-sharing sites out there – especially for article writing.  In fact, article writing should absolutely be one of your passive income streams, but I’ll talk about that more a little further down the road.  Right now, in terms of getting started and earning quickly, I like WebAnswers.

For those who don’t know, WebAnswers is a question-and-answer site, whereby you can earn money for both asking and answering questions.  (The site implies that being paid for asking questions is a limited opportunity, but I haven’t heard anything about it going away yet.)  You have to sign up (it’s free) and answer 50 questions first (not in one sitting), but after that you’ll be invited to join Adsense and/or enter your Adsense ID.  From that point forward, you can start making money.  Personally, I dragged my heels in terms of answering the 50 questions, and I still started making money within about a week. I now earn money on WebAnswers practically every day.  (One caveat:  the algorithm used to calculate what you are to be paid is not publicly known, so predicting earnings with any degree of accuracy is probably going to be difficult initially, but after you develop a history of earnings you’ll probably better capable of estimating what you will be paid.)

 In short, it’s my suggestion that you get started by 1) setting up and Adsense account and 2) Sign up with Webanswers to start earning asap.

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