Great Revenue-Sharing Resources to Kick-Start Your Passive Income Stream

I’m still fairly new to the passive income game, but I’ve been fortunate in that I found a lot of great resources online that steered me in the right direction.  For instance, all of the positive reviews I found about Q&A site WebAnswers convinced me to sign up and I’ll be forever grateful that I did.  Within a week of joining I was earning income and have continued to do so almost every day since.  (It’ s been about one-and-a-half months.)

Likewise, I think article submission sites like InfoBarrel are untapped gold mines, and so are many of the social bookmarking sites.  With that in mind, here are the sites I think will play a major role in the development of my own passive income streams, and hopefully that of anyone else just starting out:



***Please note that many of the links above are affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you purchase products or services via the links I have provided.  More information about these products and services is available on my Resources page.

Aside from WebAnswers, these are all either article submission or social bookmarking sites.  Moreover, they’re giving 60-100% of the revenue to the writers.  This strikes me as a pretty good way to earn some money.

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