December 2011 Earnings Report

My earnings for December reflected another nice increase.  While I’m certainly not breaking the bank, I think this is a great return for a guy who didn’t really know anything about earning income online just 3 months ago.  (Again, I just got started with all of this stuff towards the end of October 2011.)  The breakdown is as follows:

AdSense:  $64.79 (+5.4% over last month’s $61.48)
Affiliate sales:  $60.81 (+2239% over last month’s $2.60)
Book sales:  $2.66 ( +660% over last month’s $0.35)
Total:   $128.26 ( +99% over last month’s $64.43) 


About 3/4 of the AdSense revenue came from WebAnswers, making it my top-performing revenue source for the second month in a row.  Roughly 1/6 of the AdSense numbers came via my niche site, with the rest coming from article sites like InfoBarrel and Seekyt. 

Needless to say, the affiliate income was great, but it really fell off a cliff around the middle of the month.  However, I had expected sales to slow as we got closer to Christmas, so it wasn’t a total surprise.   

Finally, there were royalties from sales of my two self-published books that came to a grand total of $2.66.   (Hey, every little bit helps.)   Hmmm…  I really should do more to promote my books, because I’m really not doing any marketing for them at the moment.

Looking back, I’m both happy and disappointed with my December results.  I’m happy because this really is a nice rate of growth that I’ve experienced, and if it could grow like this every month I’d die a happy man.  However, I’m disappointed because I fell short of my goal for the month, which was to earn income of $5/day (that would have resulted in income of $155 for the month).  This is somewhat my own fault, because I spent most of the month constructing a new niche site and practically neglected everything else.  In the future, I’ll try to take a more balanced approach in terms of my online endeavors and give all of my “kids” some love and attention. 

Anyway, my goal now for January 2012 is to earn $5/day or a total of $155 by the end of the month.  For those of you keeping track, here are the sites I’m using as the foundation for building my own passive income streams:



***Please note that many of the links above are affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you purchase products or services via the links I have provided.  More information about these products and services is available on my Resources page.

As I’ve stated all along, the Q&A site WebAnswers i sstill the earnings champ in my book, and I recommend them as the first stop for anyone looking for a venue to begin earning online.  I’m also a firm believer in article-writing, so any of the revenue-sharing sites  – InfoBarrel, Bukisa, Seekyt, etc. – are also great.


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