Assets to Help Build Your Passive Income

***Update (December 2017):  A lot has changed since I first published this list of resources several years ago.  Most notably, a lot of the article-writing sites have vanished, which again highlights the fact that you want to have control over the content you are creating (such as by having your own website).  I was sorely tempted to maintain a list of the sites that have gone the way of the dodo – just to show how fickle fate can be and how you have to be nimble in order to keep up – but, to be frank, I want this website to focus on encouraging people in their attempts to build income.


I thought this page would be a good place to talk about the things I’m doing in terms of activities – as well as tangible resources I’m utilizing – in order to develop my passive income.  And so, without further ado:
Bluehost is a top-ranked web-hosting company.  I use them for my web sites, and I recommend them highly.  For $3.95 per month you get unlimited space and unlimited domains (which is great for someone like me, since I’ve got several ideas for niche sites I’d like to develop). Of course you may be thinking, “Why pay for hosting when there are scores of places that will let me build websites for free?”  That is certainly true, but of course a free website might come with restrictions and other unfavorable terms and conditions.  For instance, some free sites won’t allow you to display ads.  Good luck monetizing that one…  The long and short of it is that web hosting is actually pretty cheap, and for the freedom it gives you in terms of developing your niche (and monetizing it) it may be well worth the price.  Plus, as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  (In addition to Bluehost, there are other similar companies out there, as noted on my post for Best Web-hosting Services.)
Hubpages allows you to build “hubs” which are essentially web pages.  You are able to monetize your hubs (60% revenue-sharing) in several ways, including AdSense and Amazon affiliate links.  Since it’s free to sign up, the equities are all in your favor and you can build as many hubs as you like.   (For the record, while you can still make money on article-writing and revenue sharing sites, I’ve found that it’s more dfficult these days.)

Instant Article Wizard
This is fantastic article-writing software that not only does online research, but will having you cranking out articles exponentially faster than you did before.  There’s nothing better for overcoming writer’s block, and you will even be able to write articles on subjects you know nothing about.

The Best Spinner
Article-spinning software that will allow you to create tons of original and unique content from each article you write.

Unique Article Wizard
Another outstanding piece of software that will allow you to post to hundreds of blogs and article directories automatically.  Critical for anyone serious about marketing their articles.

Market Samurai
Phenomenal software that let’s you perform in-depth keyword research and analysis.  Saves you time, money and effort by identifying the high-profit niches that you should focus on.

***For anyone considering (or currently doing) article writing, I strongly recommend that you take a look at Instant Article Wizard, The Best Spinner, Market Samurai and Unique Article Wizard.  I believe they are absolutely essential if you want to achieve quick success.  Using just The Best Spinner and Unique Article Wizard, I was able to propel my niche site to the first page of Google in less than a month!!!  Since then I’ve remained on the first page (and have even touched #1 a few times).  I firmly believe that these are items you must have in your virtual toolbox. 

Niche site
I have several niche sites up at the moment, and they are generating income on a daily basis, so I’m pleased.  For obvious reasons, these are great sites on which to place your own content.  Thus, if you are contemplating creating your own website, please visit my above-mentioned post on Best Web-hosting Services. (and other affiliate programs)
It’s great being partnered with one of the world’s largest retailers as an Amazon Associate. In fact, there are quite a few affiliate programs out there now (although for many you’ll first need to join an affiliate network, such as FlexOffers, in order to paticipate).

Books (self-published)
This is actually where I’ve been able to find my greatest success in terms of passive income.  I am now earning a very attractive sum from self-published books, so I’m thankful to have found an enthusiastic audience for my work.



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