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March 2012 Earnings Report

I was fortunate enough to benefit from an impressive increase in earnings during March that resulted in me having my best month ever since getting on the passive income merry-go-round about 6 months ago.  Here is the breakdown for the month:

AdSense:  $65.91 ( +4.6% compared to last month’s $63.00)
HubPages:  $61.42 ( +653.6% over last month’s $8.15)
Squidoo:  $2.35 (earnings last month were $0.00)
Affiliate sales:  $3.06 (earnings last month were $0.0)
Book sales:  $0.0 (earnings last month were $1.79)
Total:   $132.74 ( +82% compared to last month’s $72.94) 

 Year-to-Date Income:  $264.61

For the first time, the majority of my earnings did not come from AdSense.  Running the numbers, approximatel 49.65% of the income came from AdSense, while 50.35% came from elswhere.  It’s a small distinction, but I’m actually over the moon about it, because it indiciates that I’m not a one-trick pony that is totally dependent on AdSense for revenue.  (Don’t get me wrong, I want as much AdSense revenue as possible, but I also want to be diversified in case I have a weak month with respect to AdSense.)  Revenue from WebAnswers decreased for the first time (down to $58.95).  Another first:  WebAnswers was not the top-earning site for me – HubPages was.  Again, these are things I’m happy about because it shows that the diversification of my eforts is paying off.   

I was happy to once again have some affiliate sales.  (I’ve got to make that a bigger part of my revenue picture.)  I was also giddy about finally having earnings from Squidoo.  Let’s hope I can increase those earnings at the same pace as I did for HubPages. 

Speaking of HubPages, I can’t help but be excited about the gains there.  I clearly had a very good month, but there’s no way I can maintain that kind of growth on a regular basis.   Still, it does give an indication of the potential available on HubPages.

Sadly, no book sales in March.  As always, I am still looking to remedy that situation as soon as time becomes available to do so.   

Overall, I think March was a very good month.  I haven’t yet reached my first stepping-stone of $5 per day, but I’m getting close.  of course now, the goal for April is to earn $5/day or $150 total by month’s end.  As usual, here are the sites and resources I’m using as the foundation for building my own passive income streams: 



***Please note that many of the links above are affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you purchase products or services via the links I have provided.  More information about these products and services is available on my Resources page.

In retrospect,  Q&A site WebAnswers is still the best earner for me on an overall basis, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to start earning online.  Also, don’t forget about the article-writing, revenue-sharing sites – HubPages, Squidoo, etc.  

Also, to the extent that you are engaged in the pursuit of passive income yourself, don’t forget to promote your efforts – especially  via backlinking with social media sites, like Socialadr, a bookmarking service that gets you lots of free backlinks.  (In fact, you can find more on backlinking in my article on How to Get Hundreds of Free Backlinks.)  Of course, not everything you utilize needs to be free; some items are well worth the price  – e.g., Market Samurai.

Passive Income Ideas: Publishing an eBook

For those who may be following my monthly earnings reports, you will notice that I occasionally generate a tiny amount of income from the sales of books.  I have a couple of books currently published that would probably do better in sales if I put a little more effort into marketing them. 

Regardless, book publishing is indeed one of the truest forms of passive income out there.  You do all the work on the front end (writing)  and then publish in hopes of having income generated for years by the sale of your work.   But how do you get to that point?  How do you get your book published and in position to be bought?  Truth be told there are several methods of self-publishing you can use:

Lulu is a publishing site that allows writers to publish their work in hard copy or ebook form for free.  As the writer, you select your own price point to determine how much profit to make.

Smashwords is another publisher you can use, but only for ebooks.  As with most other self-publishing sites these days, publication and distribution is free.

Needless to say, there are many other publishers out there you can use, but the point is that almost everyone has at least one great story to tell, and now there’s a format that allows you to do it for practically no cost, and with the possibility of earning tremendous returns.