My First Earnings!!! (October 2011 Report)

I am, naturally, completely ecstatic to report that I have my first online earnings!  I earned $5.89 from WebAnswers during the last week of October!  Of course, this isn’t a lot of money, but it’s inifinitely more than I was earning online a week ago.  I’m hoping it is the shape of things to come. 

It looks like I started earning about a week after I joined WebAnswers.  You have to answer 50 questions before you can start earning, and I kind of dragged my heels doing that (I was focused more on writing articles) so I assume I could have started earning earlier – probably not the first day, but maybe by the second or third.

Speaking of articles, I now have 10 on InfoBarrel.  I haven’t earned anything yet, but I haven’t been writing based on keyword research or anything like that; I’ve more or less been writing about topics I feel like writing about.  I assume thatwhen I start writing content that people are actually interested in, the earnings will come.  Plus, I’ve heard that you need to have a decent number of articles out there before you start seeing money come in.  (Just between us chickens, my original plane was to write 3 articles per day so that at the end of a year I’d have a thousand of them out there generating income.  needless to say, I am woefully behind schedule.)

In addition, I started a niche web site which I am still in the process of getting fully off the ground.  I don’t have a background in technology, so I was more than a little terrified that I was going to mangle things beyond belief, but I got great support from a lot of areas, including, which I’m using for all of my web hosting.  I have found Bluehost to be extremely service-oriented and have received nothing but outstanding support from them (which came in handy as I was setting up).  Following my experience with them, I became a Bluehost affiliate. 

That said, here are the current potential sources of income I’m relying on to build up my passive revenue streams:



Total Income for October:  $5.89

I know:  I’m fighting a war on numeorus fronts here (article-writing, answering questions, developing websites, etc.), and it’s difficult to figure out where I should really be applying my efforts.  Trying to do everything at once has me spread pretty thin – not to mention the fact that I’m still working a 9-to-5.  Still, I can’t imagine putting anything on the backburner right now; it all feels important.  (Of course, there’s an old saying which states that when everything is important, then nothing is…)  With any luck, I’m hoping to have my niche site up within a week, then I can devote some attention to other matters.


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