Hundreds of Backlinks You Can Get for Free

Everybody knows how the backlinks daisy-chain goes:  You need backlinks in order to get a higher ranking on Google.  Ranking higher on Google usually leads to more traffic.  More traffic usually translates into more dollars.  Thus, backlinks should be one of the major components of any marketing plan for your blog or website.  With that in mind, I’ve listed below some places where you can get free backlinks.
Everyone knows that posting backlinks on social bookmarking sites is one of the most tiresome and time-consuming activities you have to engage in as part of article marketing.  But what if you could post to approximately 50 of the top social media sites (e.g., Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.) in just a few minutes?  That’s the beauty of OnlyWire.  Rather than spending hours every day building backlinks, you can do it automatically in one shot.  Not bad, huh? 

OnlyWire offers a free trial subscription of 300 submissions to social bookmarking sites.  There’s no time limit;  the free trial stands until you use up your 300 submissions, at which point you can decide whether you want to get a paid subscription, or go back to posting backlinks manually.
SocialAdr is probably one of the best sites for getting free backlinks, but it has a novel format.  You agree to post backlinks for other people on your accounts at various social bookmarking sites such as Twitter and the like.  In this manner, your earn credits which are utilized by having other people post backlinks to your sites on their social bookmarking accounts.  In other words, you will get other people providing backlinks to your blogs and sites.  And it’s totally free!  (Although there is an option for a paid subscription, which will provide a lot more backlinks.)

Backlinks Genie is an automatic backlinks-builder that specializes in multi-tiered backlinking.  Basically, this consists of having a huge number of backlinks on the bottom or third tier, which in turn point back to several sites on the second tier.  The second-tier sites all point back to your primary site, which resides on the first tier.  This is actually a proven strategy that has been suggested many times all over the internet for increasing your site’s rank and traffic.  A free one-month trial is available for you to take the service for a test-drive.
SocialMonkee is a totally free backlinks site that will automatically build 25 backlinks every day to any URL you submit.  moreover, they have numerous sites they submit to, so there’s almost no chance that your URL will be submitted to the exact same sites every day.  There’s only one caveat here:  the free version of SocialMonkee only allows you to submit the same URL once.  (Upgrading to a paid subscription will allow you to submit to more sites, and allow you to submit the same URL more than once.

24:7 backlinks gives you 1000 free backlinks.  Moreover, you can designate the URLs and keywords that you want to focus on. 


Because backlinks are so important, you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to get as many as possible, including those available through the free trial offers above.


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