The 30-Hubs-in-30-Days Challenge

Any of my loyal readers will recognize that is one of the sites identified on my Passive Income Resources page as a potential source of income.  With HubPages, you build individual web pages called “hubs”, with each focusing on a particular topic of your choice.  However, much like article-writing (or any other skilled profession), repetition is often the key to getting better.  Enter the HubChallenge.

In essence, accepting the HubChallenge means you commit to building 30 hubs in 30 days.  Just to be clear, there is no punishment (for failure) or reward (for success); it’s really more of a way to push yourself to create more hubs, become better at it, and hopefully see a rise in income.   (Please see the Resources page if you need more detail on how HubPages are monetized.)

Personally, I’ve been somewhat neglectful with respect to HubPages.  I really didn’t do much on the site for the first two months after joining because I was focused on getting my niche sites up.  (I only put up one stinking hub – and I still made 20 cents!)   It wasn’t until this month that I really decided to focus my efforts.  Accepting the HubChallenge earlier this week (Jan. 23, to be precise) is part of my recommitment to Hubpages. 

Of course, 30-hubs-in-30-days means building an average of one hub per day.  At the moment, I am running true to form and already find myself behind just a few days into the challenge.  (I will have to make it up “on the road.”)  However, I will say this:  I built a few hubs between the beginning of the month and the day I accepted the challenge and saw my earnings start to increase.  There was another increase when I started building my 30 challenge hubs, so if nothing else I anticipate having increased revenue from my efforts, regardless of the success or failure of the primary goal.  Wish me luck! 



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