Get Backlinks and Earnings with RedGage

A short time ago, I posted an article on Where to Get Hundreds of Free Backlinks.  In addition to those, I wanted to pass along info about a site where you can post links to your articles and get paid for them:

RedGage is a site where you can backlink and promote your articles, blogs, pictures, etc.  In other words, it will allow you to drive additional traffic to your content.  That alone would be quite valueable, but there’s more.

RedGage also lets you earn via links to the content that you post.  (You get paid based on views.)  Personally, I’ll take free money any day of the week, so this is a win-win in my book.  On top of that, there are additional ways to earn, such as via the RedGage Daily Contest.   (I won $25 from the Daily Contest – twice! – this month for a total of $50!)

In short, you can start creating great backlinks for your content as well as earning income by joining today.


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